Meet the Team

We have the Best and Brightest agents, along with a plethora of resources to help real estate investors easily and profitably buy and sell in the Chattanooga market.

Gina Shumway – Owner/Team Leader

Gina’s prior experience as an acute healthcare provider fostered a desire to advocate for and serve others. Her introduction to real estate began with short-term renting her basement, which enabled her to acquire long-term rentals. Shortly thereafter, she founded an investment business where she specializes in BRRRR and “flips”. Gina has a passion for sharing knowledge and assisting others in finding financial independence through real estate. This aspiration drove her to earn a realtor license and empower her clients in building wealth through buying their primary home and investing in real estate.

Gina is gregarious, driven, and thrives on a challenge. She resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband, four children, and a dog. She loves working out, hiking, playing games, and cheering for her kids at sporting events. She is an avid reader, sings when no one is listening, and believes jamming out to music in the car is good for the soul.

Tevan Holder – Owner/Team Leader

Tevan grew up in the real estate industry, as her family owned a brokerage. Now she loves working in the field, helping other people with all their real estate needs! Tevan’s trademark tenacity for her clients means she will fight for every client’s transaction as if it were her own. This former basketball player loves to win, and she uses that energy to win for her clients!

Tevan loves helping investor clients doing short-term rentals, long-term rentals, value add, and flips. She has a side business furnishing short-term rentals as well!

In her free time, she loves exploring new things in Chattanooga with her husband and golden retriever, Duke!

Rizell Cruz – Director of Operations

With two years of experience in this role and a passion for real estate, we know she’s going to be a valuable asset to our team.

Before joining the virtual world, Rizell spent over six years as a Department Manager with Golden Arches Development Corporation – also known as McDonald’s. Her experience in leadership and management will undoubtedly benefit our team and clients alike.

Rizell lives by the principles of integrity, discipline, and loyalty, and she believes that organizations perform better when those principles are in place. We couldn’t agree more!

When she’s not busy being an amazing Executive Assistant, Rizell loves browsing her phone and watching funny videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. She also has a passion for cooking and recently discovered a new interest in baking cakes and cupcakes with hand-piped designs.

Shannon Poloyapoy – Client Care

Shannon is one of Auburndale Group’s Client Care Administrators who helps create a positive experience for the clients. Shannon is responsible for all communication and documentation involved in each transaction which also includes overseeing the contract-to-close process. Shannon also manages client inquiries, maintains client records and addresses client requests.

Shannon has been working for 7 years as an Administrative Officer and 2 years as a Virtual Assistant. Her experience taught her to be adaptable to all challenging situations and to work well both in a team environment as well as using her own initiative. She loves discovering new places to eat, traveling and spending time with her family. 

Korey Pell – Agent

Korey , a lifelong Chattanooga resident , is a driven individual who knows the city well . New to the field, he aims to build a s table career and make a positive impact at the T&GHomes. Korey treats everyone with respect and is dedicated to helping others , al ways finding answers when needed. He believes success comes from determination and mindset , not circumstances . In his free time, Korey enjoys the gym, downtown walks , music , and photography . He is open and loves connecting with others , often saying, “We’re all human beings at the end of the day.

Aubrey Kelly- Agent

Aubrey’s approach goes beyond just buying or selling
properties ; she strives to under stand her clients’
unique needs and preferences to ensure a seamless
and personalized experience. Whether you’re a first –
time buyer , looking to upgrade, or considering
investment opportunities , Aubrey i s here to guide you
every step of the way .

Spencer Tillman- Agent

Spencer , originally from Statesboro, Georgia, moved
to Chattanooga in 2002 after serving in the U.S. Navy .
After nearly two decades in retail corporate, he
switched to real estate to become his own boss .
Despite being new to real estate, he leverages his
customer service experience to help clients find their
dream homes . In his free time, he enjoys movies ,
podcasts ,video games , and books with his wife.